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Are You Ready to Open Your Heart and Your Home to Our Foster Program?

Volunteers and, especially Foster Homes, are the "life blood" of our organization.  The more people who are willing to open their homes and hearts to a beautiful gray friend for fostering, the more gray friends we can save. 


It’s that simple. Because we don’t have a facility to house the Weimaraner rescues, AWCR depends on generous members of the community to let these four legged friends crash on their couch and to help them adjust to a new life of love, comfort and support.

What Does a Foster Home Provide?

  • We ask the Foster Home to provides food, water, clean bedding, treats, follows veterinary requirements (if applicable), and other simple necessities, but especially lots of hugs and kisses!

  • We do ask that the Foster Family follow AWCR’s procedures for adoption, arranging veterinary care, and provides regular updates to AWCR.

  • We ask our Foster Families to be flexible to introduce their foster weim to potential adopters at AWCR request.

What Does AWCR Provide?

  • AWCR provides all veterinary care, as approved by AWCR Medical Coordinator.


  • AWCR will provide some supplies, as needed, such as a crate, collar,  or leash.

  • AWCR provides in-house expertise with behavior, diseases, and training.

  • AWCR is solely responsible for matching and placing the foster weim with a permanent family.  The Foster Family will be consulted based on their experience with fostering.

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