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Are You Ready for A Weimaraner Rescue?

  • Is it ok if I have dog hair in my house, nose prints on my windows, a chewed corner on the sofa, mud on the carpet?

  • Is it ok if a wet dog comes in the house, rides in the car and spends time trying to dry herself off on the furniture?

  • Do I have time to care for a dog, spend time with a dog, walk a dog EVERY day, take a dog to the vet, trim his nails, feed him twice a day and take him with us everywhere instead of locking him up and leaving him alone when we leave?

  • Is my home big enough for a Weimaraner? Will she be happy, safe and warm?

  • Will a barking dog bother my neighbors?

  • Can I afford $30-$40 per month for food, $500+ annually for miscellaneous veterinary vet bills? Can I afford to fence my yard to keep my dog safe? Can I afford an interior kennel with a source of heat? (garage, basement, etc.)

  • Do I want a dog that goes to the games with the kids, goes camping with us, over to Grandma’s house, is part of the family?

  • Do I have a kennel a good fenced yard a warm toasty place for a Weimaraner to stay when we are all away from home?

  • Do I want a Weimaraner enough to provide a good home and not keep him/her in a crate or locked outside by itself or in the cold?

  • Do I want a dog that will be with me and my family for all of its life which might be as long as 15 years?


If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it is likely that a Weimaraner is not the breed for you. Please reconsider getting a Weimaraner. If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions we would love to have you fill out an application.

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